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MiniNova 1.4
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This software package includes the latest Novation USB driver, MiniNova editor and MiniNova librarian.

Updates firmware to 1157.


New features:
- Added sets of favourites using the FAVORITES + Patch Inc / Dec buttons, Sets A,B,C,D added.
- When the unit is set to Internal Clock, the unit will output F8 MIDI clocks based on the tempo. This can be turned off by setting the unit to Auto Clock Source.

- Improved reliability of firmware update process.
- Fixed Gator issues and compatibility with the editor.
- Editor LCD element turns on when the MiniNova Editor is active.
- MIDI clock lock-on speed and stability improved.
- Arp correctly syncs to a MIDI clock.
- Velocity curve global setting is now correctly loaded at bootup.
- Pitch and Mod wheels no longer affect sound when the unit is in Local Off Mode.
- Added ability to change Vocoder Spectrum values (NPRN High = 6, Low = 0->31, Value = 0->127).
- Added ability to perform a sample (Freeze) of current Vocoder Spectrum (NPRN High = 6, Low = 32, Value = 1).
- Fixed some broken VocalTune Pitch/PitchBend parameters.
- Fixed bug where Patch B127 cannot be saved to Favourite Slot 1.
- Increased maximum Arp Octaves from 4 to 8.
- Arp Gate can now affect built in UltraNova Arp Patterns.
- Help text now shown for tweak knobs when in demo mode.
- When in auto mode, tempo now freewheels until the next internal tempo is set (or a new external clock appears).
- Added chord note NRPN messages (NRPN High = 7, Low = 0->9 when received from unit, 16->25 when transmitted to unit).
- Now responds to MIDI Keyboard Octave Message (CC 13).
- Improvements to arp logic.

Editor improvements:
- Mininova Editor is now listed in Digital Performer 8.
- Vocoder and VocalTune effects tabs now work correctly.
- Moved Vocoder Source control to Vocoder tab.
- Improved behaviour of the Arpeggiator and Animate buttons.
- Fixed erroneous "Patch changed!" warnings.
- Fixed Editor automation in Studio One.
- Optimised parameter flow and speeded up patch changes.
- Increased maximum Arp Octaves from 4 to 8.
- Gator Rate Sync parameter now limited to a range of 19 (8 beats).
- Clicking a parameter now shows current value.
- Cubase: VST automation recorded from MiniNova hardware is now read correctly.

Librarian improvements:
- Fix for crash on Windows when the user selects the Import Sysex menu option in the List View when no patch is selected.

Novation USB Drivers
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This installer includes the latest version of the Novation USB 1.1 driver for MAC and PC.


Compatible with OSX Yosemite

Compatible with OSX 10.9 Mavericks


Compatible with Windows 8

Compatible with Windows 7


MiniNova 1.3
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MiniNova 1.3


Updates firmware to 1075

Key fixes:

- ARP Latch now functions correctly
- Optimized Sync over USB and MIDI
- Improved Arpeggiator performance
- External Aftertouch input now functions
- MIDI Channel input now functions correctly
- Re-ordered menu for optimal workflow

Other fixes:

- Fixed an issue where the synth would respond to front panel controls when local control is off
- Fixed issues with some NRPN's not sending correctly
- No longer output tempo messages when set to external sync
- Many other bug fixes and performance improvements

Known issues:

- Sync to external source may be unreliable if the MiniNova Editor is open. A work-around is ensure that sync is set to internal when using the editor. Alternately, use standard MIDI

- After running firmware update, restart the Mininova and navigate to Menu->Global->OS Ver and confirm the version is 1075. If this is not the version, please run the updater again

- When using Ableton Live with the MiniNova, MIDI Monitoring should be set to Auto, not IN. If set to IN then on patch change user will be prompted with "Unsaved LosChng?" message.

- In some circumstances, Filter cutoff control can control Tweak 1 parameters

User Guides

MiniNova MIDI implementation