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Synapse Audio - Hydra

Tue, 2013-06-18 14:22

Template for Synapse Audio - Hydra for easy editing

Made with version 3.7 of Automap, on Mac OS X
using a Sl61 MkII

Presets includes both AutoMap as well as VST version,
even though loading any of them should work fine,
besides the annoying warning message stating preset
was not made for the specific version of the plugin.

Due to AutoMap and VST versions working interchangeably
I also believe that this will work on Windows versions,
but this is untested.

For a quick navigation of where to find controls:

Page 1:
* Oscillator section
- Routing is currently restricted to Type A and B, due to limitations in automation parameter)
* Output section including Pitch Bend Range, Polyphony & Glide Type

Page 2:
* Filter Section
* Envelopes section
* Chorus Effect

Page 3:
* Modulation Section
* Bass FX Effect
* Performance Section except Aftertouch

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Patrik Thunström
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