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Launch Control XL Updater

Tue, 2015-11-10 17:25

Launch Control XL

New features:
- Added full class compliance (LaunchControl XL now supports use with MIDI-hosts like Kenton "MIDI USB Host" or  iConnectivity "iConnect MIDI")
Release notes for Firmware Updater 1.2 (firmware revision 59)

New features:
- Added HUI compatibility *
- Added additional MIDI port "LaunchControl XL HUI"
- Fixed crash: Sending Sysex Messages with values out of LaunchControl XL´s parameter range to the device



*Due to the Pro Tools HUI implementation, the centre detent of the LaunchControl XL pan pots will not directly correspond to the centre position of Pro Tool’s pan pots. The controls still work relatively to turn pans left and right. HUI is designed to work with encoders for pan and send controls. The Launch Control XL has pots rather than encoders which have an absolute position. In order to make these work we ‘emulate’ the operation of the encoders in firmware.

The pan and send controls don’t have pot pick-up, they move immediately from whatever position they are in. This is great if you want to make a small adjustment but you may find you hit the end of the pot’s physical travel before before the virtual control on screen. To correct for this you may need to turn the control from one end to the other in order to reset the range. You will need to do this when you first load a session, when you bank tracks (9-16, 17-24 etc.), or when you change from pan to send a, send b etc.