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The kiwi pop sensation was becoming a household name long before her album Pure Heroine dropped in 2013. And by the time she won two GRAMMY awards in 2014, Lorde had become one of popular music’s most prolific trend setters: an astonishing achievement for someone just 17 years of age.

So when drummer and keys player Jimmy Mac was offered the chance to play in her band, he leapt at the chance, and quickly began to assemble his touring rig in order to be able to recreate some of the complex production touches found on the album.

The centrepiece was a Novation Impulse 61, chosen by Jimmy because “It’s so easy to use; everything’s just assigned to everything.” He also likes the pads, the fact their LED backlights allow for him to see them on a dark stage, and that the MIDI input and output allows for control signals to be sent around the stage between him and drummer Ben Barter.