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To unlock the latest functionality of your Circuit, you’ll need to update your unit with the latest Firmware. Circuit v.1.4 will transform your unit, packed with improved features to supercharge your groovebox.

New in 1.4

Drum Pattern Length

You can now set the length of your drum patterns in pairs to create mind-bending cross-rhythms and pattern variations. Generate shapeshifting polyrhythms by playing two different pattern lengths simultaneously or work in different time signatures with ease.

Instant Pattern Switch

Flip between patterns as inspiration strikes with Instant Pattern Switch. Then combine with automation for glitchy drum fills, beat repeats or synth patterns.

Session Colour Select

Give your Session a visual identity with Session Colour Select – your selection is stored on Circuit without needing to access your computer.

Clock Settings

Improved Clock Settings make your Circuit even more compatible with external devices. Hold Shift while powering on to take independent control over both transmit and receive settings for the MIDI clock.

Are you up to date?

You'll always need the latest firmware to make sure you're able to use Components.

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