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What software can I use Automap with?

Automap is compatible with VST, AU and RTAS plug-ins that have automatable parameters. These automatable parameters will be automatically assigned across the controls of your Automap-compatible hardware.

The automatable parameters of a plug-in are defined by the plug-in manufacturer. You can check which parameters are automatable in your plug-ins by viewing the automation lane in your DAW.

Secondly, the following DAWs are compatible with Automap for control over their mixer:

Logic (using HUI) and its native plugins
Pro Tools (using HUI)
Digital Performer [version 6.02 or later] (using HUI)
Reaper (using HUI)
Studio One

If you wish to control Ableton Live and you own a Remote SL, SL Compact or an SL MkII, then you need to use the dedicated Ableton Live template. You can still switch to the Automap template in order to control the automap version of your plug-ins.

If you own a Nocturn and wish to control Ableton Live then you will need to use the midi client and manually assign the controls yourselves.

FL studio can be controlled from the FL studio template on the SL MkII. For other Novation controllers, you will need to use the MIDI client in Automap and manually assign the controls in FL studio.

More details on setting up your hardware with your DAW can be found in the DAW Setup Guide in the Automap "start up view" HUD.

Dont forget that you can always use your Novation midi controller as a standard midi controller. Therefore any software not mentioned above, as long as your software supports midi control n general, you will be able to create a template and assign controls manually.