No Sound |

No Sound

The most common cause of this fault in the Bass Station Keyboard is
that the MIDI RX (receive) and MIDI TX (transmit) channels have been
set to different values. This causes the Keyboard to be "Dead" i.e.. no
sound. To fix this do the following:

Turn the Keyboard on. Set the UTIL. MODE switch (below the PORTAMENTO
Knob) to the KEY'B position. Press the TX KEY once (the second E up)
and then press the Lowest C key once (labelled 1) then press the RX KEY
once (the second F up) and then press the Lowest C key once. Now return
the UTIL. MODE switch to the OFF position.
Playing the keyboard should now produce sounds. If not, you have not completed the above correctly. Re-do the above procedure.

Other possibilities for this fault include:

Mod wheel is assigned to volume or was previously assigned to volume
and was changed to control aftertouch or modulation when the mod wheel
was at its lowest limit. Put the Bass Station Util switch into Key'b
mode. Press the top Ab key to assign mod wheel to volume. Move mod
wheel to maximum postion, press top G key to assign mod wheel to
modulation. Put Util switch to Off position to allow the Bass Station
to be played from the keyboard.

Volume knob set at zero; An incorrect MIDI RX Channel has been selected
when being played from another keyboard or sequencer; A Volume MIDI
Message of zero has been received; The Mod Wheel has been assigned to
control volume, try pushing the mod wheel forward to see if the volume