MIDI notes from the ReMOTE SL are being recorded late in Cubase. | NovationMusic.com

MIDI notes from the ReMOTE SL are being recorded late in Cubase.

If MIDI notes are being recorded with latency try checking the 'Use system timestamp' box in the MIDI Port Setup page in Cubase 4 Device Setup (it is on the 'DirectMusic' page in Cubase SX2/3). This switches the timing reference for MIDI. More information on this can be found here, including a link to a program which can determine which is the most stable timing reference on your computer.

If there is still a problem then try comparing the emulated DirectMusic (DM) ports and the standard WDM ports to see if you get correct performance out of one or the other. The emulated DM ports will appear as 'ReMOTE SL [emulated]' in the Cubase MIDI input and output lists. If you do not see this as an option then the emulated ports are filtered. You can re-enable the filtered MIDI ports by following these steps:

1. Browse to the Cubase program folder (usually C:Program FilesSteinbergCubase 4) and locate the folder "MIDI Port Enabler"

2. Open this folder

3. Pick the file "ignoreportfilter" and move it into the Cubase progrm folder (one directory up)

4. Start Cubase

Now all available MIDI ports provided by the MIDI interface driver will appear in Cubase.

Be aware that the ReMOTE SL MIDI ports will now show up 2 times in Cubase. Selecting 'All MIDI inputs' will result in double MIDI notes being recorded from both the Windows MIDI driver and the emulated DM driver so only select a single MIDI port as a track MIDI input or configure the 'All MIDI Inputs' in Device Setup first.

More info on emulated DM ports can be found here.