How can the Nova be completely reset? |

How can the Nova be completely reset?

To restore the operating system of a Nova Laptop, hold down the part 6
button while you turn the synthesiser on. The display will show "reload
O/S from ROM to flash?". Push the 'page up' button to accept this prompt.
The reload should take around 5 seconds.

Once the reload is complete you can restore the factory settings for
the Nova. To do this find the local control & memory protect page
in the global menu. Ensure that local control is turned on and memory
protect is turned off. Press the 'page up' button to advance to the
'restore from ROM' page of the global menu. Use the fast data controls to
select "total data" as the option to be restored.

Push the write button twice to initiate the reload. This reload takes
around 15 seconds. Once the reload has taken place, the memory (not the
buffers) will have been initialised. Turn the Nova off and back on
again or advance to a new Program / Performance to clear the buffers.
The items, which are restored are: Program banks A-D, Performance banks
A-B, all arp patterns and the global menu data.