Launchpad video tutorial |

Launchpad video tutorial


The following video takes you through connecting your Launchpad hardware, installing the software/drivers and configuring Ableton Live to work with Launchpad.
This video takes you through triggering Live clips in Launchpad session mode.
This video covers Launchpad Mixer mode. It will teach you how to arm tracks and control mute, solo, pan, sends and volume for each track using the Launchpad buttons.
This video takes you through Launchpads User modes. It covers assigning parameters to buttons on your Launchpad and triggering Ableton drum racks via the Launchpad matrix.
Can I use more than one Launchpad? Yes, up to 6 Launchpads can be used simultaneously with Ableton Live. This video introduces some of the basics of using multiple Launchpads alongside other Novation...
Although Launchpad does not require that you install Automap to use it, it can be used alongside Automap and in other software outside Ableton Live.